Better Football Players

It is no secret that rugby programs like to recruit from their American football 'cousins'. And why not? Similar collision sport, controlled contact, running and evasion. Builds competition, confidence, camaraderie and teamwork. All required qualities that kids need while they stumble through life. Rugby is here to help! (read about the latest love thrown to rugby by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll: "tackle like a rugby player!")

What about other sports? We focus on football during this study, only because it is so similar to rugby. But other programs would absolutely benefit from a rugby experience. Wrestlers make great rugby players. We have lacrosse and hockey players in our squads who love the contact and camaraderie. Soccer and baseball players, swimmers, we have a place for you to develop attributes that will help you in your sport. For all of you, there is a time during your busy calendar that you currently don't play a sport. COME PLAY RUGBY! We play in the Fall, Spring and Summer.

Remember, we are not interested in drawing your kids away. We would like to borrow them for a while (during your off-season) and send them back, fitter, stronger, smarter, and with improved general & tackling skills!

See below how rugby can help you.

What Football coaches and other experts say. It's not just us! Some of the top football experts will back us up!

Successful NFL/Rugby players include: Haloti Ngata, Stewart Bradley, Johnson Bademosi, Hayden Smith, Steve Paea and Nate Ebner

How playing rugby will benefit football players

  • Common skills: football attributes which a rugby off-season would maintain or improve

  • Rugby Off-Season Timeline: seasons complement each other. Off-season = play rugby!

  • SAFE TACKLING! Ruggers are taught to tackle with shoulders and arms. Not heads. See Seahawks article.

How can we help each other?

Our aim here is for football and rugby programs to work together (PARTNERSHIP). We would love for our football counterparts to encourage their players to participate in rugby as part of their off-season commitments. This would be a win-win scenario for both parties.

Best case scenario! - football program understands the importance and benefits of playing rugby and 'strongly encourages' them to go to rugby and give it a try.

  • 2 weeks of training, no cost, see how they like it. Will stress the importance of safe rugby tackling, and other rugby/football skills mentioned in this page.

  • Since we place a premium on the Spring and summer Seasons, partnering with a Fall football program seems to make a great deal of sense for both organizations. No overlap. We improve your players during Spring & Summer and hand them back to you!

How exactly will your football players benefit from playing rugby?

  • Excellent conditioning.

  • Tackling technique that compliments "Heads Up" tackling. Rugby instills tackling technique focused on using the shoulder, wrapping up, using leverage, and driving with the legs.

  • Better footwork. Rugby’s open play promotes footwork as well as fitness and tackling.

  • Skills and attributes to include intensity, athleticism, team-work, character, sportsmanship.

How can we work together? Some thoughts:

  • We could put on a rugby exhibition match during one of the teams’ home football days, or off-season sessions, or get them to come to us, etc. (we are fully insured by USA Rugby at any location).

  • Have one of our practices at your facility, or ours; and have your players fully participate.

  • Football staff can visit rugby training, even participate.

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