All Players MUST be CIPPed

The Club Individualized Participation Program (CIPP) is USA Rugby's third party liability insurance coverage that protects you, the team, and the club from lawsuits that may arise from accidents that occur throughout the season. This will be a yearly registration process that all players will need to complete to play youth, high school, college, adult and beyond. Currently the fee is $25 and is in addition to your Season Registration Fee

The registration process is simple:

  1. Goto USA Youth and HS Rugby Website at

  2. Click on REGISTER

  3. Search for our Club:

    1. Type: Youth & High School

    2. Region: Maryland Rugby

    3. Club Name: Frederick High School

  4. Scroll Down to the Club Listing for Frederick High School and click on REGISTER

    1. Select HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER and click REGISTER

  5. You will then be asked to create an account with Sportlomo

    1. This is the system that USARugby uses for all players in the United States

    2. Please use a current email that you check regularly

  6. Complete the requested information and sign the required waivers

  7. Pay the $25 Registration Fee when you check out

Please print or make a record of the ID Number assigned to you